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College Skills Inventory (CSI)TM

The College Skills InventoryTM (CSI) helps pre-college students to measure whether their current skills, habits, and characteristics will allow them to succeed in the higher education environment. It was developed over 10 years from the experiences of students who attended four-year colleges across the U.S. The CSI:

  • For pre-college students to help identify where skills improvements should be made before entering college in the U.S.
  • Breaks down the skills, habits, and characteristics needed for college success in to core areas represented by scales and subscales. Each core area is critical to college success, and the scales and subscales summarize them for an easy understanding of a student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Shows results in scales and subscales that include critical skill areas like Reading and Studying, Test Preparation, Papers and Writing, and more. It also scales that measure areas that support academic success like Being Proactive, Asking For Help, Work Style, and many others.
  • Identifies possible student weaknesses that should be addressed before college, such as inconsistent studying, lack of study skills, experience learning from texts, exam preparation, effective time management, and more.

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Applied Learning Skills Inventory (ALSI)TM

(Membership Level III)

  • For students at any four- or two-year college in the U.S. Meant to help identify the reasons why a student is doing poorly in college
  • Based on interviews with more than 3,500 students and 2,000 courses at two- and for-year colleges across the U.S. over 10+ years.
  • Covers the real-life skills that students need to succeed on course requirements in higher education.
  • Scale and subscale areas include Reading and Studying, Papers and Writing, and other academic areas plus supportive ones like Being Proactive, Asking For Help, Productivity, and more.
  • Takes only 15-20 minutes to complete, results show a detailed report that is complete with scales and subscales, as well as scale descriptions, corrected answers, and answer explanations.

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Student Self-Assessment For Academic Underperformance®

(Membership Level II)

Updated August, 2016:  Student Self-Assessment now has scales, subscales, and special scales implemented through custom software that was designed by Jeff specifically to help identify student problems.

Includes the Student Self-Assessment For Academic Underperformance®

  • Questions expanded to include scales covering many areas to quickly identify known problems that can lead students to work below their potential during college. Takes 15-20 minutes to complete. This is the same self-assessment that is in the Improving Academic Underperformance® In College online course.
  • Designed based on multiple domains such as academic skills, motivation, student characteristics, and real-life issues students have faced that lead them to Academic Underperformance® during college.  Questions were reviewed by Underperforming students for maximum validity.
  • Meant to help uncover why students are working below their potential during college and targets areas of improvement before their grades fall too far.
  • Results are complete with answer explanations teach the correct skills or perspectives by describing how High Performing college students handle each academic topic.

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**If you were referred here by a college, psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist this is the “college problems assessment.”

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Learning Section One (Membership Level I)

  • College Problems: Taking The First Steps Toward Change (one hour audio mini-course).
  • Correcting Bad Grades In College:  A Guide (12 page article).
  • Guide To Low GPA Transfer Strategies (10 page article).
  • 15 Rules For Improving Student Grades In College (17 page article).
  • 9 Procrastination Traps For College (11 page article).

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