Help Program

Students can struggle at different points in their college career, and finding the right kind of help can be perplexing for parents. Colleges tend to not be helpful, and even their special programs may not offer enough support for the student to succeed. Jeffrey Ludovici, M.A. has spent since 2007 developing strategies, methods, and the knowledge to help college students in virtually any circumstance. While based in Pittsburgh, Jeff Ludovici helped students across the U.S. and in different countries. He holds a B.S. in psychology, an M.A. in clinical psychology, and is also a member of the National Association Of College Advisors. His qualifications allow him to offer a comprehensive approach to college intervention that addresses the problems that lead to bad grades.

Jeff’s comprehensive approach to higher education success and intervention includes:

Parent Consultation

Parents are often at a loss when it comes to helping their child who is struggling with college, and many say that they have no idea what to do or where to begin. Jeff consults with parents to help them to initially identify what the problems are, to educate them on known issues for college success or failure, as well as to develop a plan of action for their student to move forward with their academic lives. Jeff is knowledgeable about which supplemental services to use for a given situation, and can help guide parents regarding contacting college offices, as well as when to look for specialists like a psychiatrist, neuropsychologist, or other professional.

Undergraduate Success And Intervention Program

The majority of Jeff’s work is directly working with college students both for success in their academic classes, and when they are seeking new directions in higher education. Every student situation is different, and Jeff has the background to be able to help students with learning skills, organizational skills, and offers academic advising from a national-level perspective for schools in the U.S. When a student is actively attending college courses, either part-time or full-time, he will focus on helping them to be successful and to improve their course grades. If a student does want to leave their school, find a next college, or change majors, Jeff can add Advising elements, such as exploring transfer options and college searches.

Typical Components of this include:

  • Expert-level instruction and academic coaching to cover effective learning skills, writing skills, memory mechanics, note taking, and many other performance-enhancing topics.
  • Creating a full and constant awareness of work demands for each day and week, as well as what the student should be working on each day.
  • College advising for students who are not currently at a four-year school for course selection and other issues for when they do want to return. Monitoring recommendations of college Advisors, who can often give bad advice such as advocating too many classes, inappropriate majors, or simply not be helpful to students.
  • Direct communication with parents regarding emergent problems or other issues that can affect the student or course outcomes.
  • Requesting academic accommodations for students with disabilities, and making recommendations for ones that may be helpful to the student.
  • Direct assistance with appeal letters, retroactive withdrawal requests, and other student issues.

Executive Function Coaching

Many students attend college with a disability, and Jeff can help them to achieve success in their classes. He is experienced working with students diagnosed with A.D.D., learning disorders, cognitive disabilities, anxiety, depression, and more. In addition to his graduate credentials, Jeff is the former Director of an outpatient psychiatric clinic and former Behavioral Consultant that designed interventions for such students. Jeff understands the challenges that they face, and uses his expertise to help them overcome their limitations for their college courses.

Academic & Organizational Coaching

Some students may have become accustomed to just relying on their natural abilities, and may have done well in high school with little effort.  But when they reach college, they can become overwhelmed because that system requires one to manage competing demands, learn independently, or otherwise take action on their own without being monitored by adults or parents.  Jeff routinely helps students to develop work plans, learn study skills that they may not have acquired, improve their ability to write in different formats, or otherwise find success in their college courses.

Getting Re-Started In College Program

For students who have been academically suspended or dismissed from their college, Jeff offers direct help for getting re-started on their higher education pathway. This can be a complex situation and requires a comprehensive approach that includes identifying problem areas, direct support of the student during classes, identifying possible colleges to attend, and other aspects to help a student to resume their studies. In some cases the student may need to find a college that is a better fit for them than their original school, and Jeff has the expertise to help students to put themselves in a strong position for transfer acceptance. For students who do want to remain at their college, they can often face probation requirements such as completing petitions for readmission, academic action plans, appeal letters, or have other requirements that Jeff can help them to meet. Above all else, a student who has had problems that lead to suspension or dismissal must earn good grades, and Jeff works with them directly during this time to help them to be successful.

Transfer Planning & Support (including after problems or low GPA)

Some students have encountered situations where they realize that their current college pathway is unsustainable, and they are typically not finding the success that they had hoped for.  They may have earned bad grades for a variety of reasons, such as choosing a college that is too distracting, due to medical issues that affected them, or they may suddenly realize that their school is just not for them.  Jeff can help students to develop a pathway to transfer to a different school, as well as guide them on efforts to try and address past bad grades.  Very often transferring after having problems is more of a process that students have to go through, and Jeff works with students during every step as they change directions on their college pathway.

College Advising

Many students are unsure of what choices they have for college, or need help when making decisions about a direction in higher education. Some may realize that their major is not the right one for them, or they may decide that they want to explore transferring to a different school. Jeff helps students to weigh their choices, explore options, and acts as a four-year advisor for those students who want to transfer or need to get restarted. He is a member of the National Association Of College Advisors, and works at the national level rather than at just one school, so he can offer his knowledge about the broader college system to help students and parents.

For more information, or to schedule a free initial consultation with Jeff, please use the contact form.