Welcome to the learning section of College Strategy Blog. I have been asked for more advanced materials by students and parents many times, so I started this dedicated section of the main site to house longer content. This learning section is also a place where I can discuss things in much more depth, with articles of many pages, that would simply be too cumbersome for the main website.

Featured Articles And Guides:

Guide To Low GPA Transfer Strategies In College

Students may want to transfer to a different school but their GPA may be too low in order to qualify them for admissions. This guide highlights options that a student can take in order to raise their chances of being admitted to a new school.

Correcting Bad Grades In College: A Guide

Under certain circumstances a college may allow a student to correct bad grades that they earned during a given semester. This article describes common routes that students can take to address bad grades, including for medical reasons and after the semester has ended.

How To Study Effectively In College

What is “effective” studying? This guide talks about exactly how college students can study more effectively. It discusses human memory, research principles that can apply to when students are studying, as well as specific things students can do in order to maximize how much they remember from their study efforts.

Why College Students Lose Motivation

This article talks about the common reasons why college students say that they lose motivation, like being unhappy with their school or major, plus things they can do to gain insight in to what motivates them.

How To Stop Procrastinating In College, For Students

Procrastination can be one of the greatest challenges for college students, and this article discusses things that they can do to reduce how much they put off work. Procrastination can end up in anxious avoidance, which can cause students to shut down during the term, so dealing with procrastination is critical for college success.

Being Productive In College, A Student Guide

This article discusses how students can be more productive in college. Many students don’t even use basic productivity tools like a planner, and have never noticed when they are most productive. This article also gives specific considerations for improving their productivity while on campus.

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