Improving Grades In College, A Guide For Parents

Many students struggle with or fail college classes each year, and parents often need concrete ways in order to help their son or daughter. This the third book by Jeffrey Ludovici, M.A., a US-based Higher Education Consultant who has specialized in helping bright students to work up to their potential for nearly two decades.

It describes specific actions, key insights, and insider information for parents that includes:

•Real life problems that students face, and mistakes that they make, that parents can help to prevent at the beginning, middle, and critical end of the term periods.

•How to improve a student’s study efforts based on principles such as active learning, distributed practice, levels of encoding, and more.

•Why college-based services may not always be the best option when seeking help for students, and what private practitioners might be a better option.

•What to do if things do not go well, including past-deadline withdrawals, retroactive medical withdrawals, and grade correction programs.

True Stories Of College Failure To Success

In a confidential case studies approach, Jeff Ludovici shares real-life stories from students and parents about their struggles in the college system to let them know that they’re not alone, and to show that any student can go from college failure to success. He also uses each story to teach invaluable insider information that can be applied to many student situations.

Jeff shares stories from students:

“Dear Jeff, I graduated from high school 2nd in my class. I was in every honor’s class and almost every AP class, played two varsity sports all four years, had leads in the musicals… I was the perfect, role model student. Then I got to college and I stopped caring. I don’t know why.”

As well as stories from Parents:

“HELP! My son just finished his 1st year at a top private school in Washington DC. He was a high-honor student in high school where he took honor and AP courses…”

And Jeff’s own experiences helping students:

“But in some cases parents can be utterly blindsided… One young man actually set up a fake website where he posted good grades to show his parents!”

Improving Academic Underperformance In College

In a first book of its kind, Jeffrey Ludovici, M.A., discusses the phenomenon of when bright students who are expected to succeed in college end up working below their potential. With only about a third of students in the U.S. finishing a degree in four years this problem is more widespread than most would expect. Based on his direct work with students at various colleges in the U.S., he describes in three steps what to solve the issue of Academic Underperformance® in college students. The unique skills that High Performers use to earn top grades are also identified and described, such as Exerting Control, Being Proactive, Creating Momentum, and Managing Risk so that Underperformers can emulate them to improve.