Why Use This Website?

I’ve been asked by many parents, students, professionals, and colleges in recent years to provide information on the real-life challenges that college students face. This information can bring many benefits to both students who are having problems in college and also to those who are trying to help them. The advantage that I have is that I get to see the real issues, so what I write or talk about is always based on what students and families are actually experiencing.

Because of this real life perspective on college problems, the information provided at Learning At College Strategy Blog can help others in the following ways:

In general, Learning At College Strategy Blog can help by:

  • Identifying the problems students are having in more specific detail in order to develop solutions.
  • Help parents to understand what might have happened when their student did poorly in college.
  • Provide useful tools to college Advisors, Counselors, Therapists, or Psychologists to summarize problems quickly to enhance the effectiveness of intervention.
  • Help colleges, students, and parents to identify specific problems as a basis for an Action Plan as part of academic probation or academic suspension program.