Get Started

Just three steps to getting started:

Step 1:

Pick the learning level/section that you want from the provided links:

Register/Start Applied Learning Skills InventoryTM(ALSI)

Register/Start Student Self-Assessment For Academic Underperformance

Learning Section One

No sign up required for Learning Section One!

Step 2:

Register for that level/section. You will be taken to the “checkout” page and will be asked to create a username, password, and to provide an email for your new account.

register 2You’ll then be given a choice of which level you wish to register for.  Please keep in mind you can only be in one member category at a time, so please finish one level before moving on to another.  (See the FAQ/Help page for why you can switch but not add levels later.)

Choose Level

Step 3:

Checkout. You will pick a Username and password for your new account, then enter your credit card and billing address to pay for the section you want to access. Credit card information is never stored at Learning At College Strategy Blog and is transmitted securely for processing.

checkout copy

You can now get started!  You’ll see a confirmation page and get a brief confirmation email, and users are automatically logged in at the time of payment.

confirmation page and auto login copy