Get Started: Screen Shot Walk-Through

It’s easy to get started at Learning At College Strategy Blog, as easy as picking a learning section you want to access and then registering for it.

Here’s step by step how to do it:

1.) Pick the level/section that you want to register for from under the “Categories” in the right hand column:

2.) Click on the “register” button for the chosen level/section.

3.)  When you choose “register,” you will be taken to the “checkout” page. Here you will be asked to pick a Username, password, and email to set up your new account, as well as your credit card and associated billing address information.


You’ll enter the billing address associated with the card (not shown) as well as your credit card information. Credit card information is never stored at Learning At College Strategy Blog and is transmitted securely for processing.

Credit card

Upon payment, you will see a confirmation page and receive a brief confirmation email (not shown). Most users are automatically logged in at the time of payment. If you are not, please see the FAQ/Help page for how to log in to your account.

Now you are now ready to start reading or using the content you purchased! Users are normally logged in automatically upon registration, so you can start right away.

4.)  Start. Begin to access the articles or content you purchased. Simply go back to the section or title that you chose under “Categories” then click on the title of any article or content.

logged in, choose category

The articles or content in the section registered for are now available to you because you are logged in. Your new user name will appear at the top right of your screen to show that you are logged in.

logged in, click article title

5.)  When you are done with your session, log out. Use the drop down box under your user name at the top right of the screen. When you choose to log in again to continue, you can visit the “Log In” page at the website.

log out when done


To Log In Later

To log in later, you can use the Log In page at the website or the link provided in your confirmation email. A walk through on Logging In And Using Your Account” tells you how to log in to continue reading later.

Thank you for using Learning At College Strategy Blog. We hope you enjoy the site and have a positive experience.