Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Recurrent Fees For Learning At College Strategy Blog?

At the moment, no, there are not. For learning sections there is a one-time fee to access the information, and we leave this access open for a certain period that we think should be plenty of time to read the articles or listen to your content. Learning section access is not a subscription with ongoing fees. While we may add separate services in the future that do have recurring charges, we do not at this time, and those future services with recurring fees would be clearly labeled.

Am I Purchasing A Membership?

Yes. The software we use is designed for a membership system and sets up an account for the user through which they can reach their content. Currently there are no recurring membership fees, but there is a one-time payment and membership is for a certain amount of days. Any future memberships with recurrent fees will be clearly marked.

How Much Does It Cost?

The costs for each section or title is listed on the “Pricing” page. See the top of the site for a link to this page.

What Kind Of Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.

Help: User Accounts

How Do I Log In To My Account?

You will simply go to the “Log In” page at the website then can enter your user name and password. To Log Out, simply put your pointer over your user name at the top right and a drop down “Log Out” will appear.

How Do I Add A New Level To My Current Account?

The membership software that we use allows for membership at one level at a time. If you think about it, this is exactly how memberships work. They’re usually at levels like “gold” or “silver” with different benefits at each. You can switch or upgrade to a different level, but you can’t be a member of both at the same time. Our membership software works in the same way- one level at a time. But this doesn’t fit perfectly with the application needs of this site. To work around that, multi-level “combined” memberships have been created, and a member can simply choose one of those if they want access to more than one level at once. The overall caution for current users is that if they register for a new level, the software will switch you to that new level not add it to your account, then it will close your old level of membership. Please keep this in mind if you are a current user, as well as that we don’t issue refunds on closed membership levels. They way to get around this if you need access to a new level fast is to just start a second account. Purchase that second level while you are not logged in to the site and use an email address that is different from your first account and it should work perfectly. Or, you can finish the content at your current membership level then purchase the new one while logged in to switch to that.

How Do I Check My Membership Status?

Visit the “Account” page while logged in to see your current membership status.

How Do I Register For An Account?

The “Get Started” page at the top of the website will show you how to register. Also, there is also a “Get Started: Screen Shot Walk-Through” that gives set by step instructions for starting a new account.

How Do I Change My Password Or Email?

While you are logged in put your pointer over your username in the top right and a drop down “Edit My Profile” will appear. You will reach your profile page where you can change your email or password, then click “update profile” at the bottom to apply the change. Usernames cannot be changed.

Do I Need To Complete The Information On My User Account Page?

No, you don’t need to do anything at your user account page. We chose our software based on its solid reputation for strong security and simplicity for our users. Those fields are included by default with the software and are not needed to access your purchased content at Learning At College Strategy Blog.

The “Visit Site” and “Log Out” At The Top Of The Page Disappeared. What Do I Do?

If this happens, you most likely have unchecked the box “show toolbar when viewing site” while at your profile page. The website is meant to be viewed with the Toolbar enabled so please leave this box checked. With the toolbar enabled, your Username will appear in the top right to show you are logged in, as well as the name of the website in the top left.

It’s simple to re-enable the Toolbar, simply return to your profile and check the box that says “show Toolbar while viewing site” then at the bottom click “update profile.”

You can return to your profile page directly at:


How Do I Retrieve A Lost Password?

On the page for the normal log in process, where you enter your username and password, there is a link on the bottom that says “Lost your password?” Simply click on this link for the password reset process. If you have also forgotten your username, please contact us using the Contact form at the website.

How Do I View An Invoice That I’ve Paid?

While logged in, you can visit the Member Invoice page and then click “view invoice.”  This will be the same that appeared on the Confirmation Page at the time of registration.

How Do I Cancel My Membership Account?

You can visit the Cancel Account page to cancel your membership account.  Please make sure you have completed all the content you have purchased since we do not refund cancelled memberships.

Browsers And Mobile Devices

Learning At College Strategy Blog was designed to be viewed from laptop or desktop computers, and is optimized for Firefox (although Chrome, Safari, and other browsers should work as well). While the site can be viewed from a mobile device, it may not work correctly for the log in or other functions while on a mobile device. While the site is viewable from most mobile devices, the log in function may not be compatible with mobile browser technology, and we do not guarantee it will work correctly on mobile devices. The best experience for Learning At College Strategy Blog will be on a desktop computer, and we cannot guarantee correct functionality from mobile devices.

How Do I Get Help With My Account?

To get help with your account, or for just general questions, please use the Contact form at the top of the page. Or, you can send an email to support@learning.collegestrategyblog.com.

Website Policies

Problems, Support, And Customer Service

In order to contact Jeffrey Ludovici, M.A., LLC and Learning At College Strategy Blog about payment issues, problems with your account, or questions please use the Contact form at the top of the page to generate a support email. You may also send an email to support@learning.collegestrategyblog.com.

Refund Policy

Most digital access systems do not issue refunds for music already heard, books already read, or movies already watched. The same is true for accessing educational materials at Learning At College Strategy Blog. Refunds will not be made on the basis that the customer didn’t like the content or articles, felt they were unhelpful, or for similar personal taste reasons due to the nature of the purchase. Nor will refunds be made, in part or whole, because the customer has finished the content prior to the end of the stated membership access period. Prorated refunds are not issued if a customer cancels their account or membership level prior to the end of their purchased membership period.

Full refunds will be only considered only when a user cannot access the content that they have paid for. But since the software we use is in wide, international use, we expect this to be rare. We would reasonably expect that the customer notify us of such a problem (and ask for assistance) within 72 hours of purchase. Most of the time these will be simple browser issues, like not having “cookies” enabled to stay logged in to the site, and we may ask a customer to use a different browser to access the site. Refusal to try a different browser, enable cookies, or incompatibility with mobile devices will not result in a refund. Learning At College Strategy Blog is designed to be viewed and used from a laptop or desktop computer, not mobile devices. In the event that we cannot help the customer solve the access problem, a full refund will be issued.

Please also see our Terms Of Use for more information.