College Problems: Taking The First Steps Toward Change

This is the content page for the audio mini-course College Problems: Taking The First Steps Toward Change. It is designed to help students and parents understand the factors that can play a role in poor college performance, as well as to help them develop an initial plan to address the student’s poor academic performance. Below is the full audio file, a listing of sections, as well as a PDF example of the exercise that both students and parents are asked to do. It is a total of 55 minutes and the sections are listed below. I hope you enjoy the mini-course.

Please click the title below to begin the mini-course. It will open in an audio player at the website or automatically in your quicktime player/windows media player. If not, right click on the highlighted link and choose the player your system offers you.  At the website it will open in a new tab so you can refer back to the index.

Listen here: College Problems: Taking The First Steps Toward Change (audio lecture format)

0:00- 2.03 Preface/Introduction

2:04- 5:51 Overview Of College Problems

5:15-13:12 Parent Experiences And College Problems

13:13-24:36 Parent Exercise To Identify College Problems

24:37-31:54 Message For Students Having Problems In College

31:55-41:24 Student Exercise To Identify College Problems

41:25- 55:00 Next Steps For Exercises/Lessons Learned About College Problems

Click here for: Completed PDF Exercise Example, College Problems Mini-Course

If the PDF opens with a portrait view, in Adobe Reader simply choose from the menu View>Rotate View> Rotate Counterclockwise to put it in the correct horizontal position.  Or, if you are in a web browser, the arrows on the top right in the Adobe Viewer will have rotate settings.

Technical note: If you have audio enhancing software you may need to adjust the treble downward to accommodate for vocal recording if you are experiencing slight distortion.